Nina Ganguli's From Victim to Victory

It's NOT Okay!

October 26, 2022 Nina Ganguli Season 2 Episode 6
Nina Ganguli's From Victim to Victory
It's NOT Okay!
Show Notes

In this episode, I am interviewing  Gabriel Holly!

Back in 2016 Gabriel and I did a life-altering personal development program called the forum.  we didn't go together but met as participants.  we fell out of touch for a few years until we met again at another personal development course.  Gabriel is an incredible young man who is intelligent beyond his years and who has a profound story of forgiveness.  So Let's get to it!

Gabriel Holly is an old soul, philosopher, and a man on a mission to help our young men navigate through life with life skills that will have them create the life of their dreams no matter where they are in their journey. Currently Gabriel is adventuring in Thailand.

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