Nina Ganguli's From Victim to Victory

OH Brother!

September 28, 2022 Nina Ganguli Season 2 Episode 4
Nina Ganguli's From Victim to Victory
OH Brother!
Show Notes

In this episode, I am speaking with Alanna Carr.  It's always amazing to get into these intimate conversations with members of your soul tribe.  And Alanna is definitely a member of my soul tribe!    

What I find interesting is that even though we have such an intimate relationship I still get to learn more and deepen our connection through talking about the journey of forgiveness.  As always I'm super stoked for this episode, so let's get to it!

Alanna has spent 18 years in the healthcare industry educating clients on their oral health.  She is also a best-selling children's book author, business owner, coach, reiki master, and certified EFT/TFT Tapping Practitioner.  She is a big kid at heart and is always looking to try something new.  One such interest is learning to play the drum kit.  

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