Nina Ganguli's From Victim to Victory


August 17, 2022 Nina Ganguli Season 2 Episode 2
Nina Ganguli's From Victim to Victory
Show Notes
In this episode, I'm speaking with Jo Jo-Marie, an incredible woman who was literally paralyzed by fear.   One day she just couldn't move and stayed that way for 1460 days, that's 4 years!

Join us as we discuss her amazing story From Fear to Forgivness!

JoJo Marie is a Toronto-based author, motivational speaker, and freelance writer, who through her story of overcoming adversity, reveals how she released fear and anger and embraced a new way of thinking, resulting in self-generated inner peace. JoJo Marie spent her entire life in deep seeded fear and was forced to face her demons after suffering a debilitating brain injury that left her bedridden for over 1,460 days. By taking control of her thinking, and embracing her vulnerability, she was finally able to achieve inner peace and began living the authentic life she always desired. Her new book, My Missing Peace, is now available on Amazon, and her website


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