Nina Ganguli's From Victim to Victory

Everyone Has Access to Forgiveness!

February 09, 2022 Nina Ganguli Season 1 Episode 2
Nina Ganguli's From Victim to Victory
Everyone Has Access to Forgiveness!
Show Notes

In this episode I am speaking with Kristine Verendia.

Kristine shares about what it takes to forgive.  Having experienced sexual abuse over the first nineteen years of her life, she realized that she was living life on autopilot.  After the breakdown of her first marriage and hitting rock bottom, Kristine embarked on her journey of forgiveness.

Kristine's 17 years experience in advertising, marketing & promotions spans multiple industries across North America. Having strategized, led and developed successful marketing and promotional campaigns for Fortune 500 clients, her ability to inject strategic, creative and organized insight into projects has been recognized as playing a major key success to companies and their bottom lines. 

In 2010, Kristine founded Soul Speak, an organization dedicated to creating a community for survivors of sexual abuse. The group meets regularly in Toronto, and is open to both males and females. Soul Speak's mission is to expand to other communities and cities across Canada. 

She is currently a Senior Brand Specialist with Promotional Source, one of Canada's leading promotional product companies. She's also working alongside her sister Katherine Leroux to launch a podcast called Future Filipina in February, with an aim to create authentic conversations about life, love and family from the lens of being Canadian Filipina women.

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